Anke Gerrits

Anke Gerrits president

Anke Gerrits, entrepreneur. Mother of four children and moved by the fate of sick children in Kosovo. Charismatic thinker, doer and speaker with an impressive international business network. Committed to ensuring, via Care for Kosovo Kids, that all the assistance provided - money, goods, services and education - ends up where it should, with the sick children.


Strongest attribute: achieving objectives with strong teams.


Adage: Giving makes you rich!

Brief CV

2012 - present: Initiator, co-founder and President of CfKK. Entrepreneur with an extensive (inter)national business network.
1999 - present: Owner of several McDonald's restaurants. Previously served as Head of Facility Services at Twijnstra Gudde, Facility Manager Benelux at Apple Computer B.V., and Software Support Coordinator at Hewlett Packard.

Gerry Beers

Gerry Beers treasurer

General practitioner in Putten. Married and mother of three children. Didn't need to think twice when asked to become a Board Member of CfKK. Went to Bangladesh as a young doctor with no experience and saw there just how important attention is for everyone. Empathetic, contemplative and energetic character.


Never loses sight of the priorities even in the height of chaos.


Motto: Everyone matters.

Brief CV

2012 - present: Co-founder, Treasurer and board member of CfKK.
1990 - present: Putten-based general practitioner specialising in palliative care. Special interest in oncology. Conducted research on melanoma and Down syndrome. Spent an extended period in Bangladesh.

Dolly van den Akker secretary

Dolly van den Akker, Business Director at MPG. Married and proud mother of Jesse and Veronique. As a result of her own experiences and a direct involvement with childhood leukaemia via a friend, Dolly is fully aware of just how important good care and assistance is for sick children. In the Netherlands, this is freely available and this must also be the case for Kosovo, a country that is not all that far away. A focus on solutions, creativity and persistence ensure that the desired results are achieved in an inspirational manner.


Strong point: positive solution-focussed


Motto: Uniting forces to make the impossible possible.

Brief CV

2012 - present: Board member of CfKK.

2015 - present: Business Director at content marketing agency MPG. More than 20 years experience in strategic marketing and communication. Spent many years working as a senior manager (with financial responsibilities). Previously served as publisher and Director of B2B Marketing and Communications at Sanoma Media, Communication Manager at McDonald’s Netherlands and Group Manager at Hill & Knowlton. Board member of Stichting Ideële Reclame (SIRE), an independent foundation that raises awareness of social issues.

Sandra Kooiman board member

Sandra Kooiman, director of a national home care organisation in the Netherlands, is married and mother of two. She enjoys using her expertise and entrepreneurial skills for Care for Kosovo Kids, and does this with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm.

Sandra is extremely conscientious and result-oriented.


Defining quality: Extremely committed.


Motto: Strength in unity.

Brief CV

2012 - present: Board member of CfKK.
2012 - present: Managing director of PrivaZorg, a national home care organisation. Previously served as interim manager in various sectors of the healthcare system and manager of a care organisation.

Nadia Oey board member

Nadia Oey, paediatrician-oncologist/haematologist. Married and mother of three sons. Nadia has a great affinity for the care of sick children in developing countries. For instance, she has worked as a paediatrician in Malawi. From the very beginning, she was strongly motivated to do her part for 'Care for Kosovo Kids' when she had an inspiring conversation with Anke and Gerry about the foundation.


Motto: nothing is impossible.

Brief CV

2009 - present: Paediatrician.
2013 - present: Paediatric Oncologist and Haematologist. Committed to providing care for ill children in developing countries. Has worked in Malawi, Indonesia, Curacao, France and the US, among other countries.


Sevim Cinci

Sevim Cinci coordinator

Sevim Remzi Cinci, paediatrician in the Kosovo hospital in Pristina. Married and mother of two children. Courageous and resolute woman.

She reveals that as a doctor she does not always have access to the resources she needs to treat sick children. She inspired Anke Gerrits and Maruschka Somsen to found Care for Kosovo Kids. In Kosovo she is the coordinator and bears ultimate responsibility there for Care for Kosovo Kids.


Parool: Every child that is cured counts!

Brief CV

2012 - present: Co-founder and board member of CfKK, coordinator of and responsible for the activities of the Foundation in Pristina. Inspired Anke Gerrits to found Care for Kosovo Kids in 2012.

2003 - present: Paediatrician at the main health centre in Pristina. Also spent many years working in the Oncology and Haematology Department at the University Clinical Center in Kosovo.

Marianna Fennema

Marianne Fennema legal advisor

Marianne Fennema, diplomat, director and legal advisor. Mother of one daughter. Has worked at the EU since 2004 to strengthen the rule of law and the economic reconstruction of Kosovo. Thinks it is wonderful that she can use her legal expertise and knowledge of Kosovo and her network there to help Care for Kosovo Kids.


Strongest attributes: resolute and efficient.


 Motto ‘To be, not to have.’

Brief CV

2004 - present: Diplomat, director and Legal Advisor to the EU mission in Kosovo. Advisor on privatisation of state enterprises. Holds various management roles at utility companies. Previously served as Legal Advisor to CME Media and SBS Broadcasting in London, Prague and Ljubljana. Began her career at Hogan Lovells, an international law firm in the City in London.

Marianna Fennema

Margriet van Dijk board member

Margriet van Dijk is a physiotherapist who specialized in manual therapy. She teaches at the Physiotherapy Faculty in Pristina. Married and mother of two little boys and a girl, Margriet is an optimistic humanitarian. She has been living in Kosovo since 2012 where she is working to improve the quality of physiotherapy for everyone in Kosovo. She speaks Dutch, English and Albanian.


Main strength: Sees possibilities in every situation.


Vision: We should all strive to create social justice.

Brief CV

2016 - present: Board member of CfKK in Pristina.
2012 - present: Tutor at the Physiotherapy Faculty in Pristina, specialising in manual therapy.

Trains physiotherapists. Committed to improving the quality of physiotherapy for everyone in Kosovo. Experience of working in a physiotherapy practice in the Netherlands. Moved to Kosovo in 2012. Fluent in Albanian.

Marianna Fennema

Fatbardhë Kaçanolli board member

Fatbardha has experience in the field of economy. She has a bachelor’s degree in management. Member of the Association of Certified Accountants and Auditors of Kosovo. She works as an accountant and bookkeeper in the Pension Fund. Dedicated, responsible and inspirational, and likes to do volunteer work. With great joy, she accepted a position in the advisory board of Care for Kosovo Kids Advisory. Using her knowledge of accountancy and her work experience, she has expressed her readiness to assist CfKK.


Motto: We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone!

Brief CV

2012 - present: accountant and financier in the Slovenian-Kosovar Pension Fund

Before that: official for banking services in one of the largest banks in Kosovo

2011: Graduated in Management and Informatics

2011: Accounting Technique - Association of Certified Accountants and Auditors of Kosovo;

Present: About to complete her Masters studies in the field of Enterprise and Local Economic Development.


Jolanda aan de Stegge writer

Jolanda aan de Stegge, enterprising journalist - copywriter - communications manager. She feels blessed, just to be able to access healthcare, among other things, available to everyone in the Netherlands. Jolanda is married and mother to three students. She likes to contribute with ideas and actions to meaningful projects and has written the texts for the website of Care for Kosovo Kids.


Strongest points: clear writer, enthusiastic go getter.


Motto: Always look on the bright side of life.

Brief CV

Communication consultant specialising in written and spoken communication. Writes for CfKK on a voluntary basis. Also writes speeches, articles, interviews, columns, brochures and website texts for organisations, companies, government agencies, magazines
and newspapers.

Wieteke Kniestedt urologist

Wieteke Kniestedt, Urologist with preponderant oncological practice. Married and mother of three children. Extensively experience in third world countries where children so often pay the price in insufficient health care. Convinced that we can make the difference she is more than happy to use her knowledge and skills to help the sick children in Kosovo.


Motto: never let the children down, for you will loose the future.

Brief CV

2006 - present: Urologist and Oncologist at the St Jansdal Hospital in Harderwijk. Extensive experience of working in third world countries, where children are often worst affected by inadequate healthcare services.

Marit Koek media/entertainment

Marit Koek has worked for 25 years in the entertainment business and is married to a dental technician. They have 2 lovely grown-up daughters together. Marit thinks and works in a pragmatic way and wants to use this quality for the benefit of Care For Kosovo Kids. It was therefore an honour for her when she was asked to become involved in this foundation. As a mother, it affects Marit to see that there is so much injustice in the world and she would like to do something about it in this way.


Strong points: empathetic and pragmatic.


Motto: Together we stand strong.

Brief CV

2008 - present: Owner and Director of PR and management agency I Mind Your Business. Represents the interests of well-known Dutch presenters, models and actors. Previously worked for various artist management agencies such as The Entertainment Group and The Talent Company.

Eelkje Leeman media & translation

Eelkje is entrepreneur. She is married and mother to a son and a daughter. Eelkje is inspiring, innovative and a conceptual and strategic
thinker. She wishes to devote her talents and experience for the benefit of

the sick children in Kosovo.


Motto: All languages uniting one world.


Concorde translates and edits all the texts for the foundation as a donation.

Brief CV

Eelkje has more than 15 years of experience as a managing director of large companies such a pharmacy wholesalers and a food wholesalers. For the last years, she has been the owner and managing director of Concorde Group, the largest translation agency in the Netherlands.

Nina Nomden media

Nina Nomden, Chief Marketing Officer at SBS Broadcasting. Married and mother of two lovely girls. Enterprising people manager who has specialized in her career in ‘change management’ in particular. Affected by the fact that there is so much suffering in the world while other people are able to lead a happy life. Endorses what the famous doctor, philosopher and medical missionary Albert Schweitzer said: “Happiness is the only thing which doubles when you share it.”


Strongest point: committed and enthusiastic.


Motto: Do not dream your life, but live your dreams!

Brief CV

2012 - present: Chief Marketing Officer at SBS Broadcasting. All-round marketing and communication specialist with extensive management experience, gained in strategic roles at companies such as John de Mol Productions, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, the AVRO broadcasting organisation, Endemol International, St Radboud University Medical Centre, McDonald’s Netherlands.

Anita Wydoodt medical board

Anita Wydoodt, member of the Board of Directors of the Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital in Tilburg. Mother of a son and a daughter. Anita has experience in cure and care, and seeks the balance between quality and business operations. She is a strategic thinker with a passion for learning, development and innovation. Anita lovingly devotes her knowledge and skills in order to make a difference for the sick children in Kosovo.


Motto: Life with a focus.

Brief CV

Board member of the Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital in Tilburg. Previously served as board member of the Meander Medical Centre in Amersfoort, Manager and Director of a teaching hospital. Also worked in a mental health care institution and in an organisation for people with disabilities. Qualified psychologist and psychotherapist.

Lenny Blaakman

Lenny Blaakman is a senior advisor at Van Oers, and is specialized in estate planning and pensions. Ever since she was a student, Lenny was always working on plans to help others around the world.


It inspires Lenny to meet people outside her own profession and day to day environment. For Care for Kosovo Kids, she arranges the annual report and auditor's report.


Strong points: Her social awareness and sober attitude.

Brief CV

2016 – present: senior tax consultant at Van Oers Accountancy & Advies

Before 2016: tax consultant at PwC and Baker Tilly Berk.

Liaison Manager KOSOVO

Marianna Fennema

Edona Toplica

Edona has spent 4 years living and studying abroad, gaining new experiences, meeting many new people and learning about other cultures. She has always wanted to be part of the projects that deal with improving the lives of the children. She is happy and grateful to be a part of CfKK, as this gives her the opportunity to learn many new things through making a difference in the children’s life as well as those around them.


Strongest point: empathetic and sociable.


Motto: "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up."

Brief CV

2016: CfKK Liaison and Office Manager in Pristina. Graduated in 2014 and spent 4 years living abroad.

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