Save the lives of children from Kosovo!

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The Care for Kosovo Kids bank account number in Kosovo is:

Account number of Beneficiary held Banka Ekonomike

14 01 00 00 00 39 41 93

Str. Migjeni no. 1



The Care for Kosovo Kids bank account number in the Netherlands is:

NL 24 Rabo 0334 4001 39

In the name of Care for Kosovo Kids, Putten

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Climbing Kilimanjaro for
children with cancer
"Saving a child's life."

Floriana Bajrami is a Kosovan who decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, which rises to 5.895 metres above sea level, to raise money for CfKK. Friends and acquaintances donated to support her cause. Together with a group of 22 people she reached the summit in March 2016. Ten days later she presented Anke Gerrits in Pristina with a cheque for €2.500.
Floriana continued climbing for the foundation.

Floriana Bajrami, CfKK Ambassador


Works at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in Pristina

Care for Kosovo Kids is largely run by volunteers. The board guarantees that both in the short and long term, all resources - money, medicines, apparatus and education - end up where they are needed: with and for sick children in Kosovo. It is only under these guaranteed conditions that the promoters appeal to others for funds.


Doctors are trained to heal people. Care for Kosovo Kids wants to make it easier for doctors in Kosovo to practise their art. Children's lives can be saved there with limited resources. Each Care for Kosovo Kids project is performed in close consultation with the medical specialists involved in Kosovo.


Care for Kosovo Kids needs money. That's why the organisation is making an

urgent appeal to the social responsibility that we all bear: from Boards of Directors of multinationals and the management of SMEs to each individual.


All donations are welcome!

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ANBI status (institution for general benefit)


For donors it is important that CfKK obtains the so-called ANBI status. ANBI stands for Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling or Institution for general benefit. This status provides tax advantages for donors. The foundation is exempt from VAT and no gift tax is due on a donation or benefit made in the public interest. The organisation also pays no inheritance tax on any inheritances it receives. An ANBI status can be important to a donor because he/she receives a donation deduction for income tax purposes on donations to an ANBI. The CBF Quality Label for Charities has been requested from the Central Bureau on Fundraising.


Anbi-number: 8524752

NGO registration: 5300552-7

Chamber of Commerce registration number: 57071187

Care for Kosovo Kids

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NL 24 Rabo 0334 4001 39 a.t.t.n. Care for Kosovo Kids, Putten, The Netherlands