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Care for Kosovo Kids (CfKK) is a foundation set up to ensure that children in Kosovo diagnosed with cancer get the treatment and medication they need when their parents cannot afford to pay. The foundation/NGO treats about
60 children every year. Through donations, the Foundation is able to save children’s lives.


CfKK was founded as an official Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in January 2013 by a group of Dutch female entrepreneurs. They put out a call through their networks and paediatricians, paediatric oncologists and other experts in the Netherlands and other countries volunteered to help.

CfKK operates efficiently and effectively. It achieves this by staying focused and avoiding organisational bureaucracy. The heartfelt commitment and dedicated efforts of our highly skilled volunteers are a great asset in this respect.


Donations are our primary source of funding. You can also support the work of the Foundation. Every donation enables us to make a difference between life and death.


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"Kids of Kosovo deserve chances!"

We are very proud to have Majlinda Kelmendi as our Kosovar ambassador. Majlinda Kelmendi, a Kosovar judoka, won gold on the last Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016. She became the first Kosovar athlete to win a golden medal at the Olympic Games.


"I want to help my country and I have respect when people are engaged to help one another. Kids of Kosovo deserve chances as all the kids in the world do. I have joined the foundation, because I believe in helping the most vulnerable to have a chance in life."

Majlinda Kelmendi, CfKK Ambassador


The right leg of Diana Ferizi (6) hurt. Diagnostics concluded it was caused by leukaemia. In 2014, the girl was admitted to the paediatric oncology unit of the University Clinical Centre in Pristina, where she received chemotherapy.

During the entire time - day and night - her mother Valbona stayed at her side, in the same room. The family with two other daughters and a son live in another city in Kosovo. It takes hours to travel from there to Pristina by public transport.


Four months ago, Florian (3) was unwell. He stopped walking, vomited and blood came from his nose. His parents took him to the local hospital in Gjakove, close to their hometown. The doctor instantly saw that there was something seriously wrong with Florian and told them that he should go to the hospital in Pristina.

After several tests, the diagnosis of leukaemia was concluded. 'It is in God's hands', says his mother Elizabeta (28). She cries. 'There are many good doctors and nurses here; I hope they can help him.'


This is the story of Leodin who was treated with medication from Care for Kosovo Kids. Leodin was born on 20 September 2008, as the first child of the family, now he has also a little brother and together with his parents he lives at his uncle’s home. His family didn’t have very good living conditions but at least he was born healthy.

When Leodin was only one and a half, his first symptoms of leukemia appeared. Leodin started to have generalized weakness and fatigue, headaches, and as he says, “everything used to hurt”. After some tests had been carried out in his home town of Lipjan, he was sent directly to the Hematolo...

"The Foundation is saving lives in Kosovo"

‘It’s an honour to serve as an ambassador for Care for Kosovo Kids. Its board members are genuinely and wholeheartedly committed to helping children in Kosovo diagnosed with cancer. Kosovo is not that far away, yet unlike children in most other European countries, children in Kosovo with this life-threatening illness rarely receive the medical care they need. As a paediatric oncologist, I have witnessed first-hand how the essential support provided by CfKK saves children’s lives.
Please do what you can to help!’

Gertjan Kaspers, CfKK Ambassador

Professor of Paediatric Oncology and Director of Paediatric Oncology at the VU University Medical Center
in Amsterdam


Director of the Academy of the Princess Máxima Center


Board member of the Netherlands Foundation for Paediatric Oncology (SKION)

Floriana Bajrami is a Kosovan who decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, which rises to 5.895 metres above sea level, to raise money for CfKK. Friends and acquaintances donated to support her cause. Together with a group of 22 people she reached the summit in March 2016. Ten days later she presented Anke Gerrits in Pristina with a cheque for €2.500.
Floriana continued climbing for the foundation.

Floriana Bajrami, CfKK Ambassador


Works at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in Pristina

Climbing Kilimanjaro for
children with cancer
"Saving a child's life."



If you want to see what people can do if they connect, you really need to take a moment to watch this film.

Care for Kosovo Kids is making things happen in Pristina pediatric hospital. Children are our future and children should have a childhood with smiles on their faces.

Take a look at one week Care for Kosovo Kids work
and ask yourself what you can contribute.

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