This is the story of Leodin who was treated with medication from Care for Kosovo Kids. Leodin was born on 20 September 2008, as the first child of the family, now he has also a little brother and together with his parents he lives at his uncle’s home.


His family didn’t have very good living conditions but at least he was born healthy. When Leodin was only one and a half, his first symptoms of leukemia appeared. Leodin started to have generalized weakness and fatigue, headaches, and as he says, “everything used to hurt”.

After some tests had been carried out in his home town of Lipjan, he was sent directly to the Hematology-Oncology department of the University Clinical Center of Kosovo.


Leodin was diagnosed with ‘acute lymphoblastic leukemia’ and had to stay in the hospital for seven weeks. He did not enjoy this at all. During that time, he started the first stages of chemotherapy and the scariest thing for him was losing his hair, and from that time he always wore a hat.

For Leodin’s parents, the illness of their first child was not the only hardship they had to suffer - neither of them had a job and they were dependent on money from Leodin’s grandfather to live on. Their sick child with acute leukemia had only the medication provided by Care for Kosovo Kids.


Since October 2013, he has been in and out of hospital; sometimes, as a result of his illness, he had to spend weeks in hospital just because he caught the flu. He is a very smart little boy with a lot of dreams, and he is feeling much better lately. His face doesn’t look so pale anymore, his hair is growing back and he no longer wears a hat.


Leodin started his treatment at the pediatric hemato/oncology department in 2013. He continued his treatment here until this year. Unfortunately, Leodin's cancer recurred and around summer, his treatment continued abroad.

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