Anke Gerrits

Entrepreneur, founder and president of the CfKK foundation. When Anke in 2012 was confronted with the fate of children with cancer in Kosovo, that could not be treated through lack of medication, she converted this into a positive action. This had to change: these children deserve the same medical treatment as children in the rest of Europe. Ten years after de start of the foundation Anke keeps on using her huge, world-wide network to find funding. And, of course, she closely monitors that all help, be it money, goods, services, or education, ends up with the right people. She inspires many of us. Anke is mother of four adult children, and grandmother.

Giving makes you rich!

Brief CV

2012 – present:
Initiator, co-founder and President of CfKK. Entrepreneur with an extensive (inter)national business network.

1999 – present:
Owner of several McDonald’s restaurants.

Head Facility Services Twijnstra Gudde; Facility Manager Benelux Apple Computer B.V.; Software Support Hewlett Packard.