Board member

Dolly van den Akker

Having experienced childhood leukemia in a friend’s family, Dolly van den Akker – mother of a son and a daughter – became very aware of how important good care and assistance is for sick children. In the Netherlands, this is freely available and this must also be the case for Kosovo, a country that is not all that far away. A focus on solutions, creativity and persistence ensure that the desired results are achieved in an inspirational manner.

Uniting forces to make the impossible possible.

Brief CV

2012 - present:
Board member CfKK

2023 - present:
Impact Director McDonald’s

2019 – 2022:
Managing Director MPG Group

Publisher and Director of B2B Marketing and Communications at Sanoma Media; Communication Manager at McDonald’s Netherlands; Group Manager at Hill & Knowlton; Board member of Stichting Ideële Reclame (SIRE), an independent foundation that raises awareness of social issues.