Eliesa en Noar Maloku

"Nothing but praise for the Foundation"

Eliesa Maloku, Noar’s mother, told us:
‘The Care for Kosovo Kids foundation financed our son Noar’s (4) oncological medication and tube feeding. Nothing but praise for the support of sick Kosovar children that this foundation provides. It was a great relief for me and my husband that we received financial support.’

Last year her son was diagnosed with leukemia. Eliesa: ‘it was horrendous: not just because of our fears for this devastating disease, but also because we wondered how we would be able to afford everything.’ In August 2019 Noar was admitted to the pediatric oncology department of the UCCK in Pristina. There are moments of happiness even in times of adversity, she says, relating to the moment she and her husband were informed that CfKK was going to pay for their child’s treatment and tube feeding. ‘This foundation supports every child suffering from cancer in Kosovo and ensures that you no longer need to take your child abroad. Noar’s health has stabilized, although he is still closely supervised.’