How does CfKK finance its mission?

‘The organisation is prudent and careful in the way it handles funds, knowledge and talent. Every expenditure is accounted for: do we know someone else who might have an interest in sponsoring this, can we do this cheaper? As a tax consultant – accountant who has drawn up CfKK’s financial statement the last seven years now, I can only say I am deeply impressed.’

Lenny Blaakman, Director fiscality at Van Oers Accountancy & Advies and advisor to the CfKK Board

Our sponsors


Every donation is welcome and will be used to treat and cure children suffering from cancer in Kosovo.

Princess Máxima Center for Pedriatic Oncology

Up-to-date knowledge and expertise on pedriatic oncology are key to be able to provide effective treatment. Princess Máxima Center for Pedriatic Oncology (short: the Máxima) does not give money, medicines or equipment, but shares its knowledge and expertise generously with partners in the Outreach Program. The value of such sustainable relations is invaluable.

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CfKK stood at the basis of the contact between the Máxima and the Pedriatic Oncology department in Pristina. The medical staff in Pristina has now been connected to the Outreach exchange program of the Máxima. This means that under the header of permanent education, pedriatic oncologists of both hospitals conduct study trips to both locations. When during the Covid-19 pandemic travel was prohibited, the teams continued their regular meetings and consultations online. Currently, the education and exchange program is back on track with live visits and consultations.


The foundation actively searches for funding to support its general goal (medication) and additional initiatives in various projects such as tube-feeding for all children in UCCK Pedriatic hospital.

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Cost management is a main point of attention. This starts with knowing what the exact needs are, purchase wisely, limit spending, and avoid unnecessary activities (e.g. bureaucracy). Thanks to the purchasing skills of several entrepreneurs in the board, prices for medication and tube-feeding are negotiated sharply with pharmaceutical producers and intermediaries.


For several years now, CfKK organizes a fundraising dinner-with auction in the Netherlands. Every year more people subscribe and attend, and every year more money is raised. Because of the Corona (Covid-19) pandemic, the 2020 dinner had to be postponed. In the meantime, potential sponsors are approached by phone or online: the costs for medical treatment and associated care continue.


CfKK in The Netherlands is an Officially Recognised Charity for the Common Good (ANBI). This gives Dutch sponsors certain fiscal advantages. For more information see here .


Het standaardformulier publicatieplicht is via deze link te downloaden. 

Thanks to all generous donors

Without external support CfKK cannot reach its goals. Next to donations, in kind help – knowledge, services, materials – is essential too. Right at the start in 2013, institutions, companies and individuals showed confidence in the foundation and contributed in various ways. Thanks to this support hundreds of children’s lives have been saved in the past 10 years.

  • Salem Ermelo foundation already in 2014 showed its engagement by donating a large sum of money with which the complete hospital laundry could be renovated. This gift actually was a great stimulus to founders of CfKK to continue with their endeavors. The goal of the Salem Ermelo foundation is to help people that help others. By supporting medical initiatives it aims to improve healthcare all over the world. Salem has over the years supported several more CfKK projects.
  • The owners of the Swiss Diamond Hotel in Pristina for 6 years donated all stays of visiting CfKK board members and pedriatic oncologists.
  • Airline Air Prishtina provided free flight tickets
  • Hospitals donated medical equipment, and Imesa UCP together with Salem Ermelo foundation funded money for professional laundry machines, dryers and an ironing machine for the whole UCCK clinic of 2400 beds.
  • The director of all Postillion hotels in The Netherlands contributed to the huge revenues of the CfKK fundraising dinners by offering the location at the Postillion Hotel Amersfoort and the dinner for by now hundreds of people for free.
  • The Vereniging Ouders Kinderen en Kanker (VOKK, Association Parents, Children, Cancer) took care of a cost-free translation of the children’s book Chemo Kasper into Albanian. The translated version (‘Kemo-Krenari’) is now also given for free to Kosovar children entering chemotherapy.
  • Many franchisees of McDonald’s.

This is how companies and organizations expressed their vision on corporate social responsibility. On behalf of the children, their parents, the medical staff of the Hematology-Oncology department of the UCCK in Pristina, and the CfKK board we sincerely thank all sponsors. Even so, this initiative remains in need for support!

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‘Corporate Social Responsibility and Involvement’ has become an ever more important topic over the last 10 years, and comes in many colors. Companies and organizations are aware that the way they manifest themselves as socially responsible is a major factor in its valuation.

On this website, the tab Finances addresses ‘generous sponsors’. However, all kinds of support are attractive to Care for Kosovo Kids. E.g. as mentioned above, the support of the Princess Máxima Center is not provided as money, but is pricelessly important for the UCCK because they are complementary to CfKK. We can imagine that many more successful partnerships are possible.

Organizations and companies are gratefully invited to contemplate interesting collaborations with CfKK to reach ambitious goals. The mission of Care for Kosovo Kids is to provide children suffering from cancer with adequate care in their home country, originates from a sensde of solidarity. Kosovo is part of Europe, and equal opportunities for children with cancer fit with Europe’s values. Action is required to make this reality. CfKK takes on this challenge and is looking for sponsors.


Edona Toplica, manager CfKK in Pristina