Sevim Cinci

Pediatrician Sevim Cinci told Anke Gerrits 2012 that she as a docter could not always get hold of medication to treat Kosovar children with cancer. She reveals that as a doctor she does not always have access to the resources she needs to treat sick children. This inspired Anke to found Care for Kosovo Kids. Next to co-founder, Sevim already for eight years is local coordinator, and holds medical responsibility for Care for Kosovo Kids activities. She is married, mother of two children, and grandmother.

Every child that is cured counts!

Brief CV

2012 – present:

Co-founder and board member of CfKK, coordinator of and responsible for the activities of the Foundation in Pristina.


2003 – present:

Pediatrician at the Main Health Centre in Pristina, Kosovo.

Previously:  actively working for many years in the Oncology/Hematology Department at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo (UCCK).

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