‘This collaboration that brings people so close together inspires me, and shows what good friends are capable of’.

Carin Lobbezoo, Ambassador of The Netherlands in Kosovo

Board of the foundation

The board of the Care for Kosovo Kids foundation focusses disinterested and unpaid, on the best treatment, medication and care for every Kosovar child with cancer. It puts efforts in finding donations and in the optimization of the collaboration of the Children’s Oncology/Hematology Department of the UCCK in Pristina and the Princess Máxima Center.

The foundation – established as a non-governmental organization (NGO) – is based on humanitarian principles and operates in a completely transparent way. Extra attention is paid to avoid any appearance of bias and / or conflict of interest.

Almost all activities of the foundation are performed by – mostly highly educated, female - volunteers next to their regular high-profile jobs. CfKK employs 2 paid liaison managers who do the day-to-day work (Edona Toplica and Rita Zhubi). The foundation keeps costs down, so that virtually every Euro goes to the treatment of Kosovar children with cancer. The board of CfKK is composed of the relevant stakeholders including medical and other experts from Kosovo and The Netherlands.


Operational Board in Kosovo